Choose Wisely; The difference between WordPress and any builder out there

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    Choose Wisely; The difference between WordPress and any builder out there

    Lately we’ve had several SEO and Website consults where the potential client is wanting us to build their websites in a builder or do SEO work on a builder. Simply put, it’s not worth our time or your money to do this. Why, you ask?

    Choosing a website builder (Shopify, Wix, Weebly, GoDaddy Website Builder, etc.) is literally throwing dollars out of the window. It’s a means to an end for most people. They have an idea, or they’re starting a business, they want to cut costs and they almost always do this by choosing a cheap website builder. Which is totally fine, if you like wasting time and money and have little dreams for your brand. Harsh? Yes, but it’s the reality of our digital world!

    If you’re building a brand, you almost certainly have dreams and aspirations as to how big you want this brand to be. Well... why not invest in your company’s digital footprint by properly having a website built for you? Something you can keep forever, grow, and optimize to accelerate your search engine visibility. More reach, more business. Simple.

    A builder is typically easy to manage, relatively inexpensive, and the back end is usually very basic. It cannot be migrated into a bigger site in the future, it has minimal SEO capabilities, and typically if you want all of the bells and whistles (which still won’t get you far), you’re paying more and more fees with each add on and they end costing you more time and money than they’re worth.

    A properly coded WordPress, or HTML, website is something that you can build with intentions to grow. You are able to put code in the backend that will tell search engines who you are and what you offer/sell (Search Engine Optimization). You are able to also track your analytics further through Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixels, and more. This results in you being able to market yourself better because you have the data to understand your demographic, reach, and even where you’re failing. Additionally, a properly developed website will always be yours! As long as you’re paying your hosting fee annually, your website can grow and grow.

    Ultimately, it comes down to the basics of marketing and how serious you’re going to take your business. Is this another hobby that you’ll try to see if it takes off? Or is this something you’re investing your time and money in to set yourself apart to grow and take on being a small business in this digital age?

    Choosing wisely when it comes to your website is the first step to being successful. Going with a website builder is robbing yourself of that potential to grow. Even though it’s easy, even though it might be “affordable”... a builder does not foster growth. Investing in a WordPress/HTML website is a foundation for your growth that you will not regret it!

    Written by: Kailee Ingram Owner/Developer KISI Kreations Graphic Design & Marketing

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